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Auden is a Ghost 3.0 Theme. It's a clean and fast theme suitable for any type of site. It comes with full support of the ghost membership & subscription feature.
Ghost 3.0
Auden - Magazine & Membership Ghost Theme

Ghost 3.x compatible

Auden is a Ghost 3.0 membership theme. It's a fast and lightweight theme with full support of the ghost membership feature and other extra features.

Auden is built using modern web development tools and standards. Based on HTML5 & CSS3, Gulp, we made sure that customization is easy and anyone can do it. Attention to detail is another important aspect and every part of the theme was designed with this in mind to make sure the users have a nice experience using it.

Fast & Lightweight

Auden was designed with performance in mind, keeping the whole theme size minimal. This helps in achieving faster speed and making a positive impact for search engines.

There are other important factors for performance and search ranking.

Following audits were all passed:

  • valid html
  • properly size images
  • defer offscreen images
  • minify CSS
  • minify JavaScript
  • remove unused CSS
  • avoids enormous network payloads
  • avoids an excessive DOM size
  • JavaScript execution time
  • All text remains visible during webfont loads

Light & Dark Theme

Light and Dark Theme in one. With just a click you can change the theme color. You can let your audience decide what color scheme they prefer.

Auden Ghost Theme Dark & Light Theme

Ghost Membership ready

Member subscription is a good way to monetize your content.

Auden comes with full support for the members feature.

Unique pages were designed:
  • signin
  • signup
  • account
  • membership

Stripe is used for payment processing, so you need a stripe account to handle member signups.

Progressive Web App

More than just a theme, transform your Ghost Theme into a Progressive Web App. Auden can work as a Progressive Web App and allow your website to be installed by anyone, anywhere, on any device, making it accessible even offline. Check out this tutorial: Ghost as a PWA.

Translation Support

Auden supports Ghost i18n for theme translation.

There are a couple of language translations already present in the theme:
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Check out the theme documentation on how to add a new language.

The search is performed as you type, enabling it requires to create an API key. And editing one of the theme files. Details can be found in the theme documentation.

Custom Layouts

3 different Home Page Layouts are included in this Ghost Theme:

  • default: 3 column (2 posts + sidebar)
  • home2: 2 column (1 post + sidebar)
  • home3: 3 column (3 posts)

3 Custom post templates are included in this Ghost Theme:

Auden Ghost Theme custom post layouts

Custom Pages included in this Ghost Theme:

Auden Ghost Theme Author & Tag Page

Fully Responsive

Auden was designed with a mobile first approach and it works great on all display sizes, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

Syntax Highlighting

Auden comes with Prism for syntax highlighting. Being already built in you don't have to worry about adding it to the theme. Using it it's really simple.

Related Posts assures you are suggesting relevant articles to your readers, making them more likely to stay on your website. Posts will be shown checking for common tags within posts.

With the post layout you can have a featured posts section for your audience, simply by checking the featured post checkbox in the admin panel. As well as a customize Post header for featured posts.

Disqus Comments

Auden has Disqus comments integrated, all you need to do is change the disqus shortname and you are good to go.


We will provide a detailed documentation covering everything you need starting from installing the theme to customizing it according to your needs. You will find useful information such as theme development to do more advanced customization.

Online Documentation

Easy to Customize

Auden was developed using modern web development tools. Check out the development part in the documentation for more details.

Theme Deployment

Follow our ghost theme deployment tutorial to have automatic deploys whenever you change a theme file.


We would love to hear your feedback, help us to help you.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or need help.


Facebook: Biron Themes

Twitter: @bironthemes

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Ghost 3.0


  • Modern & Clean Design
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  • Translation Ready
Ghost 3.0