Ghost 2.0 was released a couple of days ago. Let's take a look at what is new in this release.

The new editor

There is a new editor in Ghost 2.0. Markdown is not the default editor anymore.

This new editor supports a wide variety of content types from rich text to rich media. Of course text is still important and you are still able to use markdown, but now there are dynamic blocks of content like photos, videos, tweets and embeds as well to help you enrich your content.

There is a base set of cards at the moment, with many more to come in the future. If you prefer the old editor you can use the Markdown Card, which will work the same way as the old editor.

Multi-Language support

Ghost blogs can be configured to support multi-lingual content.

Check out the documentation on how to make theme translations.

Custom homepage/structures

With the new Dynamic Routing Ghost provides the possibility define a custom site routing rather than having a static and hard-coded site structure.

For example we can have a custom homepage on the domain home page (/) and the posts being published on /blog/.

Besides that we can specify custom URL structures and content collections and many other things.

Check out the documentation for more details.


Regarding changes necessary in Ghost themes, there are a few css classes required for the embed cards and different image width outputs.

We already made the necessary adaptions in our themes so that they are compatible with Ghost 2.0.