Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

Create offers & discounts

Now you can run promotions in Ghost, with the new Offers feature. You can create different types of promotions, with percentage or dollar discounts. Offers can be applied once, over multiple months, or set to last for the duration of a subscription.

To share offers you have custom links, making it easy to include promotions in newsletters, on social media or anywhere else.

More about offers

Custom theme settings

Custom theme settings were added to Ghost, themes can define their own custom design settings,
making it easier to change the look and feel of your site.

These new settings will let you define options to adjust colors, fonts, layout and much more to better suit your personal style or brand.

More about theme settings

New editor cards

  1. GIFs - the Ghost editor now supports GIF cards. Type /gif to get started, then search for the perfect GIF for your post.

  2. Buttons - add call to action buttons to your posts, with customizing options to center or left align, include custom button text, and link to any URL.

  3. NFTs - you can embed NFTs similarly to Youtube or Twitter. The new NFT card will make it easier for you to showcase your digital art from OpenSea.

  4. Callout cards - with callout cards you can add extra styling to important information in your posts. Callout cards can include have a custom background color, an emoji, any length of text with styles and links.

  5. Toggles - with the new Toggle cards you can create collapsible sections of text in your posts and pages. Ideal for creating FAQ section or other pieces of content with collapse function.

  6. Quotes - a new quote card was added, which can be used for bold, larger quotes. Custom themes can implement the alternative blockquote styles.

  7. Twitter cards (emails) - now, Tweets in newsletters are automatically rendered to look how you would expect; having the same style both on the web as well as in email clients.

  8. Product cards - Embed products with custom content and image, description, button or rating. This can be used

  9. Audio cards - you can now upload audio files directly to your posts. Audio cards support .mp3, .wav, and .ogg filetypes.

  10. Video cards - you can now upload videos to your content in Ghost. Video cards support .mp4, WebM, and .ogg filetypes.

  11. File uploads - now you can add downloadable files to your posts in Ghost. File uploads can be used to share multiple types of content, like ebooks, templates, photography and more.

  12. Header cards - you can add a full width divider that can include a title, subheading, accent color or image background, and a button.

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