Another productive month from the Ghost team as they released a new official theme called Solo, a new History Log for an overview of changes to your publication, and Newsletter Analytics.

History Log

There is a new History option inside the Admin > Settings, this allows you to see all staff user events that take place on your site. This is great because you now have an easy way to check when data is added, updated, or changed by anyone on your team.

For now, the events tracked and logged are changes to:

  • posts
  • pages
  • tags
  • integrations
  • tiers
  • offers
  • settings
  • staff member profiles

Most likely more events will be logged in the future.

Newsletter Analytics

Analytics is an important part of newsletters and now with this new update, you will have more insights regarding:

  • Post analytics: Clicking the graph icon next to each post provides even more insight into member engagement like the total number of unique members that clicked on any link and how many members clicked each individual link in your newsletter.
  • Engagement: This section provides information on the number of members who received your newsletter, the open rate, and the click percentage,
  • Newsletter clicks: The Newsletter clicks section gives an overview of the links within your content that members are interacting with directly. Each link within the newsletter appears in this section, alongside how many unique members have clicked on it.

These new stats will no doubt help you see what works best with your audience and make your content even better.

Email click analytics is enabled by default, and can be optionally disabled in the settings in Ghost Admin.

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