The latest Ghost CMS news and updates are all about membership and tiers.

Date-based member filtering

Some new member filtering options were added, now you can filter your members by the date their member profile was created, the date their paid subscription started, or by their next billing date.

With the new filter options, you can get an insight into how many members signed up or upgraded in a certain time frame.

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Member engagement filtering

Want more filters? Well, now you have, it's now possible to filter members based on their engagement with your content. Whether you are interested in which members interacted most recently, or to see the email open rate, you can do it.

These new filtering options give you more options to manage your subscriber list and take actions based on the insight this provides.

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Membership tiers out of beta

Membership tiers were in beta for the last few months and now it's officially available. You can create different tiers (levels) and offer different prices as well as benefits, and content access levels.

Tiers work out of the box within Portal, but we plan to release some guides on how you can create a custom membership page, in case you want to have your own style. Stay tuned and subscribe to get access to the guide.

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Activity feed updates

In version 4.41.0 the Ghost team added a members activity feed screen to the admin area, giving you full access to all of your site's events.

The activity feed can be accessed either from the dashboard or from an individual member profile.

The feed includes all the relevant events such as new signups, paid subscriptions, email subscription events, and more and you can even filter it based on the event type.

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