Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

Cancellation feedback

Portal now supports a cancellation reason field when ever a member decides to cancel their subscription to your publication. This data is stored in the member profile in Ghost Admin, and as meta data inside your Stripe account.

This is important because you can find out why your members cancel their subscription and start improving those aspects.

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Redirect new members on signup

You can now create custom welcome content for new members when they sign up using redirects. You can do this from Ghost Admin and you're able to decide where new members land on your site when they first sign up and click the confirmation link in their email.

In Portal settings you have the Welcome page fields where you can use define welcome pages for free signups and paid signups.

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Email newsletter stats

With the newsletter stats you can see how your email newsletters perform, you can see data like the open rate for posts which are delivered as email newsletters inside Ghost Admin.

More specifically your posts automatically display how many people the email was delivered to and the percentage open rate. Additionally on Member profile pages you can see the average open rate of that member, number of emails received and a member activity feed.

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Launch your own referral program

There is a native FirstPromoter integration that allows you to launch a referral program. Your fans can promote your work in return for a reward or commission. What you need to do is grab your FirstPromoter ID and paste it into the Integration inside Ghost Admin.

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