Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

Member location in Ghost Admin

Ghost added location and now new members will have the location saved when signin up, and you can see your members location on their member profile page in Ghost Admin.

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Member impersonation

It's possible to log in to your membership publication as one of your members.

This will help providing better support if any of your members faces technical issues as well as testing your design changes for different scenarios like member-only or paid content.

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Improved member accounts

Member Gravatars can now be added into Ghost themes, to provide a more personalised experience when people are logged in to your membership publication, or visit their account page.

Another addition is support for editing billing info directly from a member account page, to make it easier for your members to manage their subscriptions to your content.

For this your Ghost theme needs to implement the functionality.

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New currencies for the members feature

The Ghost team added support for four additional currencies: CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR.

You can change this in the Members Settings, selecting the currency. When you enter your currency and pricing in Ghost, it automatically creates those plans in Stripe in the correct currency.

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Personalise newsletters

You can now personalise your email with unique content that doesn't appear in your published post with the help of email cards. You can add content to the editor that will only be visible in emails, unlocking the ability to add a personal touch, or share unique email specific content.

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